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tunisia wool


The expertise plays a big part in this workshop; the average equipment guided by experienced specialists allows us to transform raw wool into spun …

tunisia wool


At this stage, collect wool (tanning and clipped wool) .The wool collecting processing is to determine wool types which are stored according to multiple categories

tunisia wool


Tunisia was always known for its weaving. Already the fifth century, the Greek poets celebrated “the carpets and embroidered cushions of Carthage”.

Work as a family

In our company our staff is like our family, this notion encourages harmony at work and the perfect teamwork

The customer is the king

We walk the extra mile to provide the best quality for our customers.

Constant improvement

We do our best and we always try to strive to be great.


We are company Aswaf Mansour spinning pure wool. This group has developed its expertise in this field since 1960. In the end in 2012, we have decided to expend to global market and started doing business with world wool buyers/importers. From that time till now we have worked with companies from almost every part of the world. The main activity of the company is currently washing and drying of wool and spinning and dyeing. . This group consists of 3 main parts:The first deals with the wool collection:

*ltannery wool (white, mixed) of Majes after the series.

*cut wool (white and black) and the agriculture.


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